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Customer Reviews


Wendy S.

Nov, 2020

"Miss Christina puts her heart and soul into making your order so creative and scrumptiously delicious that you'll know you've found your favorite place for ordering one or more of her many savory cakes and cupcakes... it warms my heart to know how much love goes into every one of her yummy creations."


Julie S.

Nov, 2020

"Truly the most delicious cupcakes/cakes I have ever tasted. The love of baking is evident in the flavor combinations and the care she takes to make your order perfect! And the savory cakes are not to be missed... unique and very tasty!"


Lisa M.

Jan, 2021

"I have been using Cameo Cakery for the past several years and have been extremely satisfied with the presentation and taste of the cakes and cupcakes we have ordered. Guests at the party's we have hosted have been extremely complimentary of the desserts. In fact, taste to taste, Cameo cakes were preferred over the Mixing Bowl."


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